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TV and Voice

Alongside comedy and storytelling, Dan writes, performs on screen, and gets in front of a microphone. As an advocate for actors and artists with disabilities, Dan promotes a more diverse representation of disability in all forms of media.  


Dan’s most recent project was a lead in a talented team of disabled writers, creating the upcoming series The Squeaky Wheel Canada (Hitsby Entertainment). Based on the popular satire news website The Squeaky Wheel, Dan wrote sketches, headlines, and news pieces for a diverse cast of people with disabilities. Dan will also appear in sketches on the show. The Squeaky Wheel Canada is coming soon to AMI TV. 


The AMI TV series Breaking Character (Winterhouse Films) followed Dan and five other disabled artists on their career paths into creative fields. You can see Dan in season 1 and the upcoming season 2 on and on AMI TV. 


Dan also appeared in season 2 of Apple TV’s SEE.  


Dan has lent his voice to various shows, including The Squeaky Wheel Canada, Breaking Character, and you can also hear him as Ben Solo and Kylo Ren in Star Wars: Duel of the Fates, from Dewvre Productions.


Check out Dan's IMDb page here.

If you want Dan for your production on stage, screen, or audio, contact him with the link below.

Promotional poster of Apple TV's SEE. Jason Momoa's looking directly into the camera, scars on his f
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