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"Nothing's worth doing if it isn't a little bit scary."

Dan Barra-Berger is a legally blind storyteller and stand-up comic who talks about (among other things) living and travelling with a disability.

Though his stories motivate audiences to succeed and overcome, Dan is not an "inspirational speaker." He's an approachable, amiable person with a disability who tells relatable and memorable stories.



Dan is an accomplished storyteller. With humour and experience, he covers a variety of topics, leaving audiences engaged, entertained, and energized. Learn more below about what to expect at Dan's speaking engagements.

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Subvert Expectations

Dan combines his experience of living with a visual disability and stand-up comedy to bring audiences a unique, down-to-earth, and honest look at disability, adversity, and moving forward in life.



Meaningful & Memorable

Dan covers his life so far, touching on subjects like losing his vision at seven years old, having a parent with a visual disability, and the ups and downs that made him who he is today.



Get Ready For Wanderlust

For over a decade, Dan and his white cane have been backpacking and adventuring across the world. He discusses what he's learned as a disabled traveller, from discovering the meaning of inclusion in Ireland, to exploring Morocco's hidden secrets on foot, to watching the sunrise from the Acropolis in Athens.



Find What You're Missing

Dan is an enthusiastic supporter of taking a gap year. His stories of making lifelong friends, getting in (and out!) of trouble, and embracing self-reliance will teach students how to explore outside their comfort zones, and take what they've learned back to campus.



Seize the Opportunity

Set down the books about the Power of Positive Thinking, and embrace failure and loss as a powerful source of inspiration, resolve, and motivation. Dan uses his lived experience of losing his vision, family, and love as building blocks to improve, learn, and overcome.


Dan is a legally blind storyteller, speaker, and stand-up comic who talks on a variety of topics for audiences large and small. A traveller and adventurer, Dan has always wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of others, and through his storytelling and comedy he's found a way to do just that.

With a casual, tongue-in-cheek approach combined with a unique perspective, Dan helps audiences break down expectations, overcome barriers and challenges, and take steps towards achieving their goals.


I’ve worked with Dan in stand up comedy for a couple of years now and he is an incredible and important voice in disability advocacy. He’s hilarious and skilled at breaking down misconceptions in a poignant and personable way.

Courtney Gilmour, Comedian. Just For Laughs Homegrown winner, JFL42, Kevin Hart's LOL network, CW Network, CBC.


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